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"Dive into Reading" summer reading program day 2-am and pm groups

Day 2 of 2015 "Dive into Reading" summer reading program at the Roanoke Public Library.  The first 3 pictures are from the morning session and the last 3 are from the afternoon session.  Today's topic was Octopus.  Can't wait till next Tuesday for the next installment!!

Dive into Reading-Summer Reading Program @ the Roanoke Public Library

Roanoke Public Library’s summer reading program “Dive into Reading” began on June 9 at 10 am for the younger children and 2pm for the older children.  There were 35 in attendance in the morning and 22 in the afternoon.  The children listened to a short video, had a snack, heard stories and did a craft all dealing with underwater creatures.  The program continues for 5 more weeks, skipping the June 30th for the holiday and ending on July 28 with a celebration party.  Fun time was had by all!  (Pictures are from the morning session.)

Preschool Story Time-Tuesday at 10 am

Preschool Children's Parents, don't forget the Roanoke Public Library's Preschool Reading Program every Tuesday morning at 10am.  Below is Karen Baker, Library Assistant reading to the children about "Little Wolf". They not only hear stories, they play games, have snacks, do a craft and have lots of fun!!!

2014 End of Summer Reading Party at the Roanoke Public Library

    The Roanoke Public Library concluded its 2014 summer reading program at 10 am on Tuesday July 29 with a party that included handing out prizes to the best readers in the 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-12 age groups along with best attendance and attitude awards for the morning and afternoon groups.  After the children received those prizes, Johnny from the TinCaps awarded certificate for tickets to a game for those school-age children that read 4 or more books.  All children went home with a goody bag.  Food, games, and face painting was enjoyed after the ceremony.  This was all made possible through a generous donation from the Roanoke Lions Club.

New Learning Resources @ the Roanoke Public Library

Want to learn a new language?  Always thought that it would be great to speak Spanish, Flemish, Italian or any other language.  Starting on Friday, July 18, 2014, you can go to the Roanoke Public Library’s website (www.roanoke.lib.in.us) and click on the Pronunciator Link.  It will take you to a login page, where you will need a Roanoke Public Library Card.  Once you log in, you can begin learning 80 languages in any of 50 languages.  Learning techniques include speech recognition, scored quizzes, virtual coach, downloadable audio lessons,  and virtual conversation.  There is also free apps for your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or phone so you can take the learning on the run wherever you may go.

Want to learn to drive?  The Roanoke Public Library also has a website link to help you.  It is online and free.  Go to the Roanoke Public Library’s website (www.roanoke.lib.in.us) and click on the Learn to Drive Link.  This site allows to take practice tests-9 different tests so you will be prepared for the real thing.  The website also has a frequently asked questions and answers segment about driving in Indiana.

Libraries and other governmental unit's budgets online

Taxpayers have a new tool available to get involved in local government finance. www.BudgetNotices.IN.Gov   #DLGF

Interested in attending a 2014 budget hearing? Find the schedule at www.BudgetNotices.IN.Gov #DLGF

Budget hearings are now being scheduled. Find the schedule at www.BudgetNotices.IN.Gov  #DLGF

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